Welcome to the The Golden Adventures of a Dark Horse!  

My name is Stella, and I live in the wild north of New Zealand, somewhere between the sand dunes and the mountains.  

The Golden Adventures is a landing space for photographs and occasional thoughts.  Expect to find book reviews (Children's, Middle Grade, Young Adult and Adult Fiction - my reading age is undetermined), crafty projects, local travel, children's birthday parties, quirk and... stuff.  Yeah.  

Those are my kids ^

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Peace out x


  1. Uggg too beautiful!! Sometimes I just can't handle it and have to take a breather then come back!! You are such a talented gal x

  2. I love the last one with the cat! Adorable! I'm off to Around the Table too! :)

  3. Very nice to meet you, Stella. x

  4. Hello family.i have jumped back into your lovely blog world. Much love. Josie

  5. That little picture of the toadstool party is what dreams are made of. Glad I stopped by x

  6. Hello! Love your work, please email me at jdemontravel@beckett.com. Thank you!